Thursday, 5 April 2012

Weekend escape - part 2

Continuing on our journey down south to the Sea Cliff Bridge, we pulled over to watch some hang gliders....this is literally a leap of faith!!

Unfortunately it was starting to cloud over a bit at this stage but it was an amazing sight!

You can just see the Sea Cliff Bridge in the background as it wraps itself around the cliffs, I wish the weather had been a bit clearer.

We watched this guy getting set to take off... then a slight panic as his cords were twisted...


nearly there....

just a hop, step and jump and off into the wild blue yonder...

would you do it?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Weekend escape - part 1

On the weekend we went for a drive down south of Sydney, through the national park heading towards the new Sea Cliff Bridge.... well it is a couple of years old now but I have been meaning to go down and try it out.

As we went through the national park we took a little detour to a little piece of paradise called Wattamolla. I have heard about this place for a long time so I was very happy to visit it. The weather was perfect, we have had such foul weather lately but this weekend the skies dazzled in their freshly washed brightness and we laughed as we tripped down the highways in a little red convertible......

I had heard it was beautiful but it was stunning, just on our door step and I had never visited it before, just a couple of hours south of home!

A waterhole one side and across the spit, the sea. Teenagers were taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and taking advantage of the bravado of youth by launching themselves off the cliff into the pool whilst adults looked on wistfully wandering whether the caution of age has robbed them of some of that unbridled fun!

Friday, 30 March 2012

I've been featured!!

The wonderful Cassity at Remodelaholic has featured my living room on her blog. If you haven't visited this blog, as the saying goes, do yourself a favour!!!

Visit Remodelaholic here for more wonderful makeovers from all over blog land.

Just a reminder for you what my living room looks like now....

Monday, 19 March 2012

One thing leads to another....hall makeover

Well it was actually something I have wanted to do for a while now but it takes one thing which leads to another and then a chain reaction sets in .... or in my case a design chain reaction!

As in my last few posts I told you how I took possession of a new Asian style cabinet which now resides in my bedroom, but I needed to find a new home for my desk (aka a former hall table which I silver gilded).

So it needed to return to it's former use... hall table. But I was tired of the entrance hall, it has been three years since I changed it....that is a long time for me.....

It just wasn't special enough for me, and I have been wanting to build a mud room and there is that colour black I have had a hankering to a little bit of furniture moving, prompts a whole lot of change!!!

So here it is..........

I love the drama of the near black walls, everything pops against it. This mirror was in the original hallway but was an old gold, a little bit of silver rub'n'buff and a much more suitable colour!

I changed around the layout because the new (old) hall table is a lot longer than the previous one and I am so pleased I did because the traffic flow is so much better and the hall looks so much bigger!

Nothing like a bit of recycling, this painting was in the living room before and never looked quite right, I love it here against the dark walls. It was actually a wedding present of my parents and I grew up with it always in the family room. I don't think I particularly liked it when I was younger but now I do, it brings back such memories!

And finally I got round to my mudroom....well more of a mud wall!!! But with the back door right up hard against the wall and not a lot of room between the hall and the laundry, I decided simple was best! I just used the batten and board method that I have seen on so many other blogs with a base board at the top to attach the hooks to. Then painted the wall and the battens in white gloss...simple and effective. My daughter had brought the hooks back from London when she had been over there on holidays and I had just been waiting for the right place to put them.

The little bench was from Ikea and yay, it was on sale, the smadal TV bench and the fabric also is from Ikea (the cushion was upholstered the same way I did Olivia's window seat)

The paintings were there previously but gold frames so a little bit more of silver rub'n'buff and sooooo much better. That one little tube of rub'n'buff has lasted a long time.

Here it is looking from the front door.... a little bit different from the old!

Yep.....I am loving my new revamped entrance hall..... I know that the dark walls won't be to everyone's taste......what do you think?

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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A new change...should I keep it?

I mentioned in my last post that I had just bought this Chinese cabinet with the last of the winnings from my Dare Gallery prize.

Now it is meant to be for my bathroom when I get round to renovating it but in the meantime the only place it fits is in my bedroom, so I replaced this.....

with this.....

It looks so right in my bedroom it may well stay there!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dare to try!

I little while ago I told you how I had won a $2000 voucher from Dare Gallery after my lounge room won first prize in a competition, you would be amazed at how far that $2000 went (especially when they had great sales on!!!!)

First I got one of these.....

Oh it looks so good in my family room....

Next I got this for my little girl's room.....

and she loves it ....

Then number one daughter moved to her own apartment so I gave her 4 of these

She is going for a modernist look, I don't have any images, I must go over and take some photos, she is really enjoying designing her own space.

Along the way I bought some cushions and a throw but finally I bought this....

I love this, I had decided that I would use it as an unusual bathroom vanity with a vessel basin on top and still have lots of storage, now I might still do this (still saving up to renovate my main bathroom - actually it is my only bathroom) but in the mean time I needed to put it somewhere so for the moment it has ended up in my bedroom....and I love it there, so now I am torn!

I will reveal how good it looks in my next post!